The revolutionary new science of sales success

The Aha! Advantage sales adviser training platform shows sellers how to sell more by:
1. Eliminating skepticism and mistrust.
2. Using Aha!s or value-multiplying insights to deliver value multiplying solutions for clients.

The two ways to influence
Believe it or not there are just two ways to influence a customer:
1. You can convince clients why they need to buy using a form of direct persuasion, or
2. You can help clients convince themselves using a form of self-persuasion

Sellers who use self-persuasion to help their clients find their own reasons for buying consistently outsell their traditionally-trained counterparts.Why? Buyers don't argue with their own reasons. When sellers eliminate resistance they remove the biggest barrier that stands between them and the ultimate sale.

 Sellers who become Aha! Advisers, in the year following training:
- boost their revenues by 18 to 73%  
- increase their retained margins by 13 to 29%.
- improve their closure rates by 17 to 42%

We support all our claims with a no questions money-back guarantee on all our training.

To find out how you can use the new science of self-persuasion to boost your sales, read Chapters 1-3 of Harry Mills’ new book, Zero Resistance: the science and secrets of selling more by eliminating skepticism and mistrust.



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